Getting a mortgage as a sole trader vs a director 

Getting a mortgage as a sole trader vs a director 

It’s a well-documented fact that obtaining a mortgage if you are self-employed, can be a tad more tedious than if you were employed. Nevertheless, it certainly is possible and the same products are available to you!  

In this article, we explore the difference in obtaining a mortgage for sole traders vs directors. 

Getting a mortgage as a sole trader 

Each lender will vary on their requirements, however, most banks will ask for copies of your SA302’s for the last two years self-assessment tax returns.  

Most lenders, not all, will only approve your mortgage if you have been trading for at least 24 months to get a good sense of your income and your business’ overall health. 

Alongside your SA302’s, the lender will also ask for: 

  1. Bank statements showing your income, or a profit and loss report 
  1. Proof of your deposit (if purchasing a property – does not apply for remortgage applicants) 
  1. Passport/driving license – for an ID check and proof of address 
  1. Any debts/loans you have outstanding 
  1. Household bills  

Getting a mortgage if you are a director of a limited company 

The requirements for directors are similar to sole traders, you will still need to prove your income through your SA302’s, bank statements or payslips, and provide details of any outgoings you may have. 

Where this differs, is that your company has a separate legal personality. When you own a limited company, the money you earn belongs to the company, not you. To get money out of the company, you will need to pay yourself a salary and dividends. 

Many people who work this way, pay themselves small salaries and the rest of their income as dividends, as this is the most tax-efficient way.  

At the same time, how much money you pay yourself as dividends is a matter of personal preference — you could take all the profit out of the company every year, or a smaller portion that’s just enough to cover your living expenses. 

If you do the latter, the bank may not regard your income as sufficient to meet their affordability criteria. This means you could either have your application rejected or be able to borrow less than you were hoping. But that’s not entirely accurate. Any profit you haven’t taken from your company is still technically available for you to withdraw if you want to. 

So, what are your options? 

  1. Take more money out of your company 
  1. We can find a lender who will consider your retained/net profits as income 
  1. Borrow with your significant other 

What do lenders look for when processing a mortgage application? 

Lenders will look at one thing before approving your mortgage application; will you be able to repay it? 

They will look at your income, your expenses and work out whether you would be able to comfortably afford the repayments on your mortgage. 

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